Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Parent Teacher Association
2600 W. Markham Street • Little Rock, AR 72205 (501) 296-1810


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), formerly known as the Parent Teacher Council (PTC), was re-organized in the fall of 2010. Our organization exists to provide support, and create and foster strong relationships among our parents, teachers, administrators, students, and the community at large. The PTA strives to help students achieve academic and social success through activities and events. The PTA is also working to help improve communication between the school and the families of our students, and to advocate for the children.

Since the re-organization, the PTA has been able to provide awards to top students, athletes, and musicians. It has funded several $500 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors who have demonstrated that they are active in community service. The PTA hosted a free school-wide picnic and play day events to show the students and faculty that they care about the ASBVI school community. In years past, to show its appreciation for the teachers and faculty at the school, the PTA provided a teacher appreciation luncheon during in-service training. The PTA is proud to be able to provide funding for the state's only annual Braille Challenge where blind and visually impaired students of all grades, statewide, compete in braille-related events at ASBVI for honors and prizes. While the PTA's primary aim is not to raise funds, the fundraisers the PTA has sponsored over the years have been successful and all proceeds go directly to helping the school and students.

The Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired PTA works closely with administrators and faculty members to provide support for the educational program. Even though students from all over the state attend ASBVI, our dedicated parents throughout the state find a means by which they are able to lend support to this worthwhile and hard-working organization. The PTA is an organization which is frequently called upon by administrators and teachers to help where there is a need. The PTA operates under a budget appropriated by the state legislature. However, the budget does not provide for awards and other amenities. If not for the work of the PTA, many of the perks which motivate students and make ASBVI such a wonderful school would not be available to the students.